Stupid questions ….

>I looooove entertainment news and gossip so it’s no wonder I stayed up last weekend and watched the „Deutscher Fernsehpreis“ which is the german equivalent to the Emmys – at least I think so. I even stayed up and watched the after show coverage. And there was this lady who always does the interviews on such events. And she stood there with Wolfgang Stump – an actor from east germany – and his daughter and I already awaited the question: How is it as a Dad to have a daughter who is acting too? There are always asking that. For goods sake – she is acting for nearly 10 years now. It’s nothing new. Think about a new question!

And another good one: There is this one german actress which married an earl. And every time they interviewed her since she is asked if she wants to be called countess or by her old name. And she always says – in the meantime with a bored sound – that she kept her old name. Stupid journalists.


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