ÖPNV :0(

>Actually I wanted to go to the cinema yesterday. Good, I already cancelled it in the morning.
Because at the end I was sitting in a S-Bahn train which does not move at all for nearly two hours.

The first thing I remarked in Kronberg was, that this train was a short one, which means that instead of two train parts there was just one. At first, everything went pretty smooth. As usual. Then we left the station Eschborn Süd and stopped again after a few seconds. The driver said that there was a damage at the engine and we can’t move for an indefinite time. After two hours waiting only interuppted by some statements from the driver we moved backwards to Eschborn Süd again. There we waited for the next train which luckily came a few minutes later. At the end, I was home araund 8:30 PM. I planned to be home at 6:30 PM. But as I couldn’t do anything at all it’s not even worth it to complain about it or to be bothered about it.


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